IOSI’s Board

IOSI leadership is integrated by national, regional and international current and former recognized law enforcement, government officials, security professionals, top business leaders, academics  from all over the world, with a goal in common:  We support national, regional and international security efforts to protect governments, private sector and people from existing and emerging global security threats.

Board Of Directors

Johan is an international recognized security expert and speaker.  Mr. Obdola has been addressing security issues in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean n on narco-terrorism, translational crime, counter-terrorism, and other security issues affecting countries these regions. Johan is actively involved as speaker in military (Navy, Coast Guard) and government conferences and summits, and until August 2013, Mr. Obdola was  the Chief of Latin American Bureau for InterPortPolice, and he is involved with several social and health NGOs in the UAE and South America. Canada and  Venezuela.

Johan Obdola

President – CEO – Founder

Matt Williams


Leadership, Training and Development, Team Building, Military. Driven, conscientious and innovative Leader and Honours Law Graduate. Over 24 years experience across a very broad range of environments and settings making decisions at the tactical and strategic levels including over 12 years in mid-senior management and leadership roles and a dynamic and successful military career. UK and Canada

Mario is an international expert on security, disarmament and non-proliferation. He taught in France and international universities on geopolitical security and counter-terrorism issues, and he is advisor to governments and international organizations. He is Vice President of l’ Association Internationale Francophone d’ Intelligence Economique ( AIFIE ). France

Mario Sandoval


Fahed Bin Al Shaikh


Deputy Chairman of the Autism Trust Foundation, Fahed is also involved in regional and international security initiatives in the MENA region, Africa and Latin America. Dubai, UAE

Brigadier (r) and Dr. Al Najjar. Police brigadier and advisor with the Kuwait Police. Musaed has provided assistance to airlines on security issues. He is an expert of PTSD. Kuwait

Dr. Musaed Al Najjar


Roberto Hernandez Hidalgo


Mr. Hernandez is the Executive Director of Counter-Narcotics Programs for Central America countries with CPP-SICA. Honduras.

Dr. Peter E. Tarlow is a world-renowned speaker and expert specializing in the impact of crime and terrorism on the tourism industry, event and tourism risk management, and economic development.  Since 1990, Tarlow has been teaching courses on tourism, crime & terrorism to police forces and security and tourism professionals throughout the world.


In 1999, the US Customs service asked Tarlow to work with its agents in the area of customer service, cultural awareness, and custom’s impact on the tourism and visitor industry. In 2000, due to interagency cooperation on the part of the Bureau of Reclamation, Tarlow helped to prepare security and FBI agents for the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Games.  He also lectured for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.  Tarlow is currently working with police departments of the state of Rio de Janeiro for the 2014 World Cup Games and 2016 Olympic games. In 2003, US National Park Service asked Tarlow to take on special assignments dealing with iconic security for its multiple tourism sites. Within the US government Tarlow has lectured for the Department of the Interior, for the Department of Justice  (Bureau of Prisons and Office of US Attorneys-General), the Department of Homeland Security and the American Bar Association’s Latin America Office. Tarlow has worked with other US and international government agencies such as the US Park Service at the Statue of Liberty, The Smithsonian’s Institution’s Office of Protection Services, Philadelphia’s Independence Hall and Liberty Bell and New York’s Empire State Building.  He has also worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the United Nation’s WTO (World Tourism Organization), the Center for Disease Control (Atlanta, Triangle Series), the Panama Canal Authority. He has also worked with numerous police forces throughout the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America. In 2013  the US State Department asked him to lecture around the world on issues of tourism security and safety.  In 2013, Tarlow began working with the Dominican Republic’s national tourism police, then called POLITUR, and as of 2014 called CESTUR. Since 1992, Tarlow has been the chief organizer of multiple tourism conferences around the world, including the International Tourism Safety Conference in Las Vegas. Since 2006 he has also been part of the organizational teams for the Biannual Aruba Tourism Conference and has helped organize conferences in St. Kitts, Charleston (South Carolina), Bogota, Colombia, Panama City, and Curaçao.  In starting in 2013, Tarlow became a  co-organizer of the first and second Mediterranean Tourism Conference held in Croatia and in 2015 Tarlow is a co-organizer of the Caribbean wide Tourism Security Conference to be held in Curaçao. Tarlow has done extensive research on the relationship between tourism, crime, and terrorism.  Tarlow publishes extensively in these areas and writes numerous professional reports for US governmental agencies and for businesses throughout the world.  He also functions as an expert witness in courts throughout the United States on matters concerning tourism security and safety, and issues of risk management. Tarlow is a well-known author in the field of tourism security.  He is a contributing author to multiple books on tourism security, and has published numerous academic and applied research articles regarding issues of security including articles published in The Futurist, the Journal of Travel Research and Security Management.  In 1999 Tarlow co-edited “War, Terrorism, and Tourism.” a special edition of the Journal of Travel Research.  In 2002 Tarlow published Event Risk Management and Safety (John Wiley & Sons).  Tarlow also writes and speaks for major organizations such as the Organization of US State Dams, and The International Association of Event Managers.  In 2011, Tarlow published: Twenty Years of Tourism Tidbits: The Book.  The Spanish language addition is to be released in 2012.  He has recently published a book on Cruise Safety (written in Portuguese) entitled Abordagem Multidisciplinar dos Cruzeiros Turísticos.  In June of 2014, Elsevier published Tarlow’s newest book: Tourism Security: Strategies for Effective Managing Travel Risk and Safety.  USA
Peter Tarlow, Ph.D.


Muhammad M. Abdul Rahman


Board. Former Deputy Chief Detective Superintendent. Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit. Financial Intelligence professional with transferable skills obtained in public and private sectors in Nigeria. Specialties: Managing teams in Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies, Identifying, analyzing and reporting on Money Laundering/Terrorist financing threats and risks within the Banking sector. Nigeria

Executive Director of the Technical Office of National Security, and Chairman of Airport Security. Trinidad and Tobago

Commander (r) Garvin Heerah


Captain Mohammed Aziz


. Chairman Aviation Safety Committee, Arab Air Carriers Organization. Advisor to the Chairman, Middle East Airlines. Lebanon.

Focused on the side effect impact of advancing technologies on security, business and international affairs. Cyber Security Tom is responsible for developing alliances to support expansion across all industrial sectors within the Cyber Security arena. His key focus is business development and cooperation with customers and partners at all levels in areas such as strategy, training and workshops.


Tom worked with Governments, Industry and Institutions on a range of technology and strategy issues. Current research interests include security and privacy concerns in authentication and Identity Management. Tom is an Geopolitical Expert , social entrepreneur, cyber security expert with experience in Cyber Crime Prevention, experience in Security and Intelligence community, Incident Response, Money Laundering and Cyber Intelligence. Canada / Europe
Tomas Martinek


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Executive Committee

General Manager Group Security at Oman Air, Lt. Col (Rtd) Ali Al Harthy, a retired military officer ,who after serving 25 years in the services in areas of security , logistics , explosives and EOD took up a new career in aviation security.


Currently he is the General Manager of the Group Security for Oman Air. Ali is a post graduate from Strathclyde University in Management, an ICAO AVSEC PMC holder. Ali has represented in the past, the military in his areas of his expertise and also presented in AVSEC conferences and seminars as a panel member and speaker. Ali was an observer member in the IATA Security Executive Group (SEG-IATA), and is a member of the Aviation Security Working Group in AACO and Chairman of the AACO Aviation Security Advisory. His task in Oman Air is to develop, modify, direct and control security measures, procedures and fraud prevention policies to safeguard Oman Air assets from security hazards, threats, acts of unlawful interference. He is also responsible for the investigation in such acts and to convene security risk assessments, audits and crisis management in security issues. Lt. Col. (Rtd) Al Harthy is a member of various national security committees and an AVSEC Inspector, Auditor and Trainer.Oman
Lieutenant Colonel ( r ) Ali Alharthy
Jameel Alsaati

Chief Investment Officer (CIO),Capinnova Investment Bank. Bahrain

Chief Kimpel has over 30 years of extensive and successful municipal policing including 20 years in supervision and administration. USA

Chief of Police ( r ) Garry Kimpel
Younes El Ghazi

Mr. El Ghazi is currently Chief Executive at Global Diplomatic Forum. and also a Member of the Board of Governance of the North Africa Centre. United Kingdom

Defense, Terrorism and Security Analysit. United Kingdom

Alexander Stephenson
Farooq Wajid

Mr. Wajid is the Assistant Director of Anti-Narcotics Force with the Federal Government of Pakistan.dedicated force/agency for countering narcotics and illicit drugs trade and activities in Pakistan, and around the world through international co-operation with other drug law enforcement agencies such as the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), SOCA (Serious Organized Crime Agency), INCB (International Narcotics Control Board) and UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime). Force is headed by a serving 2-star General of Pakistan Army who is called the Director General. Pakistan

Mr. Cavero is a Master graduate of the CAEN (National Center for Higher Studies) in Public Administration and Management with a major in National Defense. Doctor by the UNMS, is an Expert Criminalistic by the Ministry of Interior of Argentina 1993.


Dr. Benavides is a Referee by the OSCE (CONSUCODE). He has been named in nine arbitration disputes through June 2015, also Participated in the IV Latin American Conference on International Arbitration in Medellin, Colombia in June 2012. Doctoral professor of law at the Federico Villareal National Course “Philosophy of Law” at the Faculty of Law at the Private University of Las Americas course Criminology University since April 2012 and the Federico Villareal National University, Graduate School Forensic Law School the course since May 2012. Cesar is Secretary of the First Pan American Congress of Criminology: “The Perito of the Year 2000” held in conjunction with the Faculty of Law of the University of Lima made in 1995. Speaker at the First World Conference 2000 Crime in South Africa, and also he is Secretary of the Latin American Congress of Criminology in 1993 in Buenos Aires in 1993 and 1995 in Brasilia. Speaker at the First World Conference Crime 2000 in Johanesburg-South Africa, at the Fourth Biennial of Criminal Justice organized by the US Justice Department and the FBI jointly with the University of New York in 1998 in Budapest with the theme: “Citizen Security in Peru” and the Second Congress of Europeans questioned documents and signatures in Barcelona 2001 with the subject experts: Expertise in Peru 2001. Professor in the school of officers of the former Pip the year 1975-1980 in the course of Constitutional Law Research Institute of the Public Ministry from 1993-2003, Professor at the Judicial Academy in 2010 with his specialty criminalistics . Collaborator in the media in the country and abroad for twenty-four years on issues related to the Arbitration, crime, security and forensic science collaborator of the daily El Comercio, Expreso, El Peruano, Reader’s Digest Reader’s Digest March 2007 Page 3 on “Security in the New York Airport”. Professor at the National Police of Peru (ex Pip) from 1975 to 1999) and the Public Ministry from 1993-2003 course Criminology and Crime Scene. It has been awarded the Order of Officer of the Ministry of Interior, 14 September 1979 Distinguished Service and the December 21, 2011 by the Bar Association of Lima with the Order “Manuel Lorenzo de Vidaurre” for his fruitful and fruitful professional work. ETHICS (in year CAL) Criminology at San Marcos University graduate level ,, Forensic Federico Villareal Master graduate level. Judicial Academy graduate level judges and prosecutors, School of Military Intelligence Course The Art of the Interview.Peru
Dr. Cesar Augusto Benavides Cavero
Jumaa Alkishi

Jumaa is a passionate businessman with an extensive experience on: Online Entrepreneur, Aviation Safety Inspector (ASI), Quality Assurance Specialist, Quality Control Inspector, Technical Training, Avionics Specialist, Effective Supervision and Management, Leadership Skills. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Manager Director, Private Office of H.E. Mubarak Bin Hamoodah. Mr. Hunity is the Managing Director of the high net worth VVIP in UAE- Abu Dhabi who is sponsoring a partner and investor in a number of multinational companies like, Huron Consulting Group, General Motors, Cisco Systems, Astaldi, Kharafi National, KAPSCH, AL QUDRA Holding. He has established a strong database and relations with VIPs,UHNW, decision makers and with separate governmental & Semi governmental organizations here in UAE and GCC. Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Mohammad Al Hunity
Anne- Marie Brigaud

Expert on Strategic Intelligence and international cooperation. Executive Member of the Institute of Higher Studies of National Defence in Paris Ile-de-France area. France

Diplomatic, Career specialized in the study of ISTAR CC Process (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance), DABINETT programme and the All-Source Cell (ASC), NATO standards and doctrine, organization and management of national and defense intelligence institutions; role of and policy concerning intelligence institutions in government; comparative study of intelligence institutions and concepts; intelligence analytic training and methodology; intelligence agencies and cyber-security; intelligence professionalization. Romania

Silviu Craescu
Mohamed Elamiri

Based in Canada, Mohamed is the Chairman of the International Foundation for Aviation and Development. Previously, Mohamed was deputy director of Safety Management and Monitoring with ICAO, Director of Air Transportation Bureau (ICAO), Chief of Air Transportation Division (Government of Morocco). Canada and Morocco

Czech Republic

Marek Pleasingr
Derik Lathan

Director Maritime Affairs BORDERPOL. Incident Command, International Police Training, Port Policing, Ship Security. Canada

Assistant Professor w Adam Mickiewicz University, former Diplomat and Consul in Cairo and Algiers. Poland

Marcin Styszynski

Dip in Law; BA (Justice); MCrim; MPhil; Graduate Diploma of Executive Leadership

Commissioner Ioeru Tokantetaake has over 30 years policing career in different areas of policing and over 10 years as Police Commissioner and Superintendent of Prisons in the Republic of Kiribati. He holds postgraduate qualifications in criminology, security and leadership and excels in making positive changes that had made the Kiribati Police and Prison Service (KPPS) one of the best department nationally and one of the best police organizations in the Pacific region. Republic of Kiribati

Special Advisors

R.Rakyan Adibrata, SH, CCTP

Country Director, and Regional Representative

Rakyan is currently working as Special Assistant to The Chairman of The Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK), Republic of Indonesia. Prior to joining the LPSK, Rakyan worked for more than three years as an Expert Adviser for Member of Parliament at the Commission III (Law, Human Right & Security) at DPR RI, The Republic of Indonesia House of Representative, advising on homeland security and human right issue to the MP. He was appointed as one of the adviser to a Special Committee that drafted The Immigration Bill at 2011 and the Anti Financing of Terrorism Bill from 2012 until 2013. Mr. Adibrata obtained International accreditation as Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP) in 2013.


As a researcher, Rakyan Adibrata has often contributing his analysis on counter terrorism and radicalism in several national media in Indonesia in the last 10 years. Some of his recent articles were published on March 2015 (Batten down the Hatches for IS in Indonesia) and on May 2015 (Paving IS Silk Road to Poso Indonesia), both articles were published in a US-based magazine, The Counter Terrorist, which widely distributed in Asia Pacific. In 2013, Rakyan developed the Procedures for Witness Protection on Terrorism Cases, as part of implementing the Memorandum of Understanding between the National Counter Terrorism Agency (BNPT) and the Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK). Based on this MoU and the Working Procedure, LPSK have the authorities in protecting all witnesses on terrorism cases who will testify in court. Currently, Rakyan Adibrata involved as one of the terrorism expert to advice the Working Committee at The House of Representatives to amend the 1946 Criminal Code, his duty is to assist the drafting to strengthening the new criminal code for suppressing and combating terrorism and radicalism in Indonesia. Indonesia.

Top Graphic Designer and Design advisor to IOSI. Turkey

Cengiz Karabulut
Fabrício Robson de Oliveira LLB

.LL.B./ International Law Specialist/ Security analyst, defense and counterterrorism. Fabrício is graduated in Law and attends Post Graduation in International Law at Centro de Direito Internacional. He was a first class soldier for the Brazilian Air Force, during 6 years, specialized in Guard and Security (Infantry). He is currently a Human Science teacher and Quality capacitation instructor, besides performing deep researches about Security, defense e antiterrorism. Brazil

Former military in the capacity of military police, senior investigation, deputy director of Intelligence Training, and Chief of Geopolitical Intelligence Department. Also, Senior Consultant with a great experience in Intelligence analysis, retired Senior intelligence officer,geopolitical intelligence analyst,Defense,Military, business intelligence, global security and Risk Assesment specialized in the Maghreb-Sahel& Middle east security threats. Tunisia

Fathi Aouadi
Jorge Sanin

Jorge is recognized for his knowledge in corporate governance and business development, overseeing operations and budget, motivating staff and assigning functions, creating partnerships, and communication skills with executive directors, government officials, major donors and community leaders.


Sanin served as Director of the Department of International Affairs at the Organization of American States (OAS) until October 2014. At the OAS, Sanin strengthened relations with 34 Member States, 70 Observer countries, United Nations and civil society organizations to implement programs aimed at improving the conditions of the most vulnerable groups in the region. Since 2008, Sanin mobilized resources to complement OAS operations by implementing a long-term strategy that resulted in US$20m annually to support the peace in Colombia, electoral missions, sustainable development programs, scholarships, security in Central America, destruction of antipersonnel mines, and the protection of human rights. Sanin facilitated the presentation of proposals by nearly 4,500 NGOs in the Summits of the Americas and OAS General Assemblies, as well as the implementation of two civil society participation strategies since 2001. These initiatives promoted the creation of NGO networks on Afro-descendants, indigenous peoples, disability, women, sexual orientation and gender identity, human rights defenders, and freedom of expression. Sanin also developed programs through agreements to exchange experiences and build institutional capacity with organizations of the United Nations, as well as the League of Arab States, International IDEA, OECD and OSCE. Colombia

Expert intelligence and diplomacy, Legal Expert, Researcher, Writer, Military Analyst, Publicist, World contributor, NGO functionary. Mr. Sarbu is Vicepresident of the National Security Academy and Defence Planning; member of the Interdisciplinary Research at the Romanian Academy CRIFST; World contributor at the Daily Journalist at the Strategic Diplomatic Relations; Ambassador of Peace at International Center of Peace, Rome; Honoray Consul for Bucharest-Romanian Diplomatic International America Mission; member of the Advisory Board of HCHR, Human Humanitarian Commission; Publicist at the Geopolitics Magazine; columnist at the Noema Revue of the Romanian Academy; Publicist at the Military Science Magazine of the Academt of Romanian Scientist; CNR – UNESCO Expert (since 2007); Lecturer and CNR-UNESCO consultant in the management and the economics of knowledge, the science – religion dialogue; Expert in Prevention and Fighting Corruption. Initiator as a CNR- UNESCO expert in scientific – religious topics, of the Public Conference, Through science and religion toward peace and humanitarianism” held at the „Gaudeamus” Book Fair, Contacts Stock Exchange and organized by CNR-UNESCO jointly with the Bilateral Commerce Chamber Romania-Russia on November 24, 2012.

Sebastian Sarbu
Luis Salvador Alfaro Gomez

Luis is graduated from the  Institute of International Relations of Ukraine, Kiev State University, Ukraine “Taras Shevchenko” Concerning Diplomatic Organization of the Unit Nations (UN), graduated as Lic. In International Economic Relations Academic Degree. He has served as Executive Advisor for the presidency of the National Port Company (NIcaragua), Head of Monitoring and Control Program, ALBA; and has worked with the Agency for International Development USA (USAID). o Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA). o Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). o World Bank (WB). o Secretary for Economic Integration (SIECA). o BANCENTRO-LAFISE  MIFIC / DIRECTION OF TRADE NEGOTIATIONS. o Nicaraguan Association of Textiles and Apparel (ANITEC). o American universities such as Georgia, Harvard, etc., o American Chamber of Commerce of Nicaragua (AMCHAM). o Embassy of the United States in Managua, Nicaragua Training more than 15,000 people during (2005-2006). Nicaragua

Senior Representatives

Miranda Cooppolse

Security, Intelligence Analyst, Risk, Counter-Terrorism. Netherlands

Mario Sandoval Jr. France.
Javier Mayorca

Journalist and expert of crime. Venezuela

Zems olds various degrees, diplomas and certificates in Criminology, Security mgt., Negotiation & Conflict mgt, Conflict Analysis, SSR & HSE. He is also a doctoral candidate in security and intelligence studies.


He is a criminal investigative professional with over 25 yrs practical and empirical experience. He has held several positions which include: Intelligence Coordinator, Field officer, Operation officer, Security Intelligence Analyst and Criminal Intelligence Analyst. His scopes of investigation include bank fraud, wire fraud, cyber-crime, terrorism, robberies and undercover investigations. He has presented scintillating papers at both local & international conferences/workshops. Some of his presentation are: Understanding crime as a learning behavior (a pivot to intelligence analysis), Distinction between undercover and surveillance investigations,Opportunity makes a thief, Understanding cyber-criminology (technique for crime detection and prevention), crime is normal in mechanical society, etc. He facilitate at Nat. Open University of Nig. on professional studies, he is also a guest lecturer in Novena University Ogume at the dept. of ISS. He authored the following books: Understanding Crime: Analysis for Intelligence, Investigation and Security, Crime is Normal, Understanding Principles, Practice of Crime and Criminology. He is member of the following: International Association for the Study of organized Crime, International Association for Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts, American society for Industrial Security, International Ass. for Crime Analysts,International Criminologists Association, British Society of Criminology, International Association for Counterterrorism & Security Professionals, International Organization for Security & Intelligence, Nig. Institute of mgt (AMNIM). He is a serving officer in the Nigeria law enforcement agent, where he is currently the crime officer, investigation and security intelligence in the branch. Nigeria
DSP. Zems, Mathias (JP)

Advisory Board

General Manager Group Security at Oman Air, Lt. Col (Rtd) Ali Al Harthy, a retired military officer ,who after serving 25 years in the services in areas of security , logistics , explosives and EOD took up a new career in aviation security. Currently he is the General Manager of the Group Security for Oman Air. Ali is a post graduate from Strathclyde University in Management, an ICAO AVSEC PMC holder. Ali has represented in the past, the military in his areas of his expertise and also presented in AVSEC conferences and seminars as a panel member and speaker. Ali was an observer member in the IATA Security Executive Group (SEG-IATA), and is a member of the Aviation Security Working Group in AACO and Chairman of the AACO Aviation Security Advisory. His task in Oman Air is to develop, modify, direct and control security measures, procedures and fraud prevention policies to safeguard Oman Air assets from security hazards, threats, acts of unlawful interference. He is also responsible for the investigation in such acts and to convene security risk assessments, audits and crisis management in security issues. Lt. Col. (Rtd) Al Harthy is a member of various national security committees and an AVSEC Inspector, Auditor and Trainer. Oman

Lieutenant Colonel ( r ) Ali Alharthy